Tennessee Right to Life Endorses Brian Kelsey for Congress

State's oldest and largest pro-life organization calls Kelsey a proven partner in the fight for life

Nashville, June 27, 2016--Leaders of Tennessee Right to Life announced their support today for Brian Kelsey in the Republican primary race for the state's 8th Congressional district.  Characterized as a key leader in efforts to promote Right to Life legislative priorities, the organization said that demonstrated leadership made the difference in favor of endorsing Kelsey.

As a leading pro-life legislator, Brian Kelsey has used his position and background in the law to draft and defend policies that protect vulnerable unborn children.  "Brian Kelsey has been willing to exert the necessary influence and political capital to ensure that Tennessee's public policies consistently affirm the dignity of every human life," said Stacy Dunn, Vice-President of Tennessee Right to Life.

"From early days in the legislative struggle to place pro-life Amendment 1 on the ballot, Brian Kelsey was at the table and helping to draft the strongest possible language to restore common-sense protections" said Brian Harris, President of Tennessee Right to Life.

"Brian Kelsey is a tested pro-life leader and has earned our confidence with his demonstrated ability to move forward a compassionate, protective pro-life agenda," said Harris.  "Tennessee Right to Life urges the election of Brian Kelsey in order to continue giving voice to the pro-life views and values of West Tennesseans."

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