What Would a Kamala Harris Presidency Look Like?

Let's face it, even Joe Biden hints that his run for the presidency is not a solid two-term commitment. He said it himself: "I view myself as a transition candidate."

If Joe Biden wins in November, his vice presidential nominee, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, has a high likelihood of either stepping in as president before 2024, or being the Democratic nominee in 2024.

It's paramount that prolife people understand what a Harris presidency looks like—and it honestly won't be much different from a Biden presidency, if Biden is even capable of directing his administration.

  • Sen. Harris is currently filibustering the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in the U.S. Senate. It's not enough to support legal abortion through the process of birth; Sen. Harris is unmoved by evidence that abortion facilities are leaving born alive babies to die (or outright killing them) after birth following botched abortions.

  • Sen. Harris has a 100% rating from NARAL. That means she opposes every prolife law, from parental consent, to bans on tax-funded abortions, partial-birth abortion bans, and even basic things like requiring abortion facilities to be licensed and inspected.

  • Sen. Harris believes that if you're a member of a Christian service organization like the Knights of Columbus, you are a prolife extremist that should be disqualified from serving as a judge.

  • Most concerning of all, it was then California Attorney General Kamala Harris that authorized a raid on David Daleiden's house, seizing his undercover video evidence showing Planned Parenthood's human organ trafficking programs. Sen. Harris has no qualms about using the power of government to intimidate and suppress prolife views—she actually views it as an opportunity to burnish her campaign credentials.

National Right to Life created a factsheet that compares the views of Sen. Harris and Vice President Mike Pence, that you are free to download, print, and use however you see fit (along with comparisons for the presidential and senate races).

Pence vs. Harris factsheet

Copied with permission from Right to Life of Michigan August 20, 2020 email alert.

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